My Projects

The majority of my clients are trade magazines and market research publications although I sometimes also write for consumer magazines/blogs. Here is a partial list of my current projects.

UK market research company Mintel and UK trade publishing company HPCI Media ( for these two clients I write about the German and international C&T industry and the retail sector, with a focus on trend research and consumer behaviour. Article topics include product launches, brand news and market/sector reports; company and brand profiles; retail and industry trends, and trade show reviews.

For international organic trade magazine Organic & Wellness News (based in Ottawa, Canada) I write about the organic cosmetics and the natural foods industry. Past articles for OWN have included topics such as edible insects, the German fair trade market, trade show reviews and company profiles. I’ve also contributed articles about the organic food market in Korea, the Chinese e-commerce sector, the natural beauty sector in the US, and written about trend topics such as DIY/kitchen beauty or snail cosmetics.

I also do the translation and localisation for Beautyjagd, the biggest organic beauty blog in Germany. I translate blog articles from German into English and then adapt the text for international readers; adding context, cultural notes or explanatory remarks without changing the essence of the text. Localisation work is fascinating!

And recently I started to do freelance work for London-based trend research agency Stylus – I’m one of their freelance trend reporters.

I’m always looking for interesting editorial, translation, localisation and copywriting projects in English or German. For more information about me and my professional background check out the “Me. And this Blog” page, contact me on Xing or LinkedIn or use the contact form below.

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