Me. And This Blog

Welcome to! My name is Annemarie Kruse and I am blogging here as “Annika”.

I’m an international beauty trend researcher, consultant and trade journalist with the working languages English and German. I was born in Japan, grew up in Germany and went to university in the UK. After graduating I moved to London and  worked in trade publishing for five years. Since 2006 I have been living and working in Berlin, my favourite German city.

My area of expertise is the German cosmetics and retail industry, with a strong focus on secondary market research, brands and companies, consumer insights and retail trends. I also write about the German and European organic food and beauty industry.

Another key area within my professional field is international beauty and retail trend research – demographic trends, trends in consumer behaviour and brand perception, retail and marketing trends – as well as trend-scouting; with a particular focus on the Asian cosmetics and retail markets.

I am listed on Xing and LinkedIn; feel free to connect with me. You can also reach me at annika_trendtraveller (at) (substitute “@” for “at”), get in touch with me on Instagram (@annika_trendtraveller) or use the contact form on the “My Projects” page.

ÜBER MICH: Ich bin Fachjournalistin und Trend-Researcher (Consulting) in der Kosmetikindustrie und der Retailbranche. Meine Arbeitssprachen sind Deutsch und Englisch und ich schreibe auf beiden Sprachen für verschiedene Magazine, Fachzeitschriften und Blogs.

Meine fachliche Schwerpunkte/Themengebiete umfassen: die deutsche und europäische Kosmetik- und Konsumgüterbranche (Marken und Unternehmen), Einzelhandel, Markt- und Trendforschung (besonders Sekundärforschung und Consumer Insights/Consumer Trends), Naturkosmetikindustrie und die Bio-Branche (Food und Non-Food); sowie die asiatischen Kosmetikmärkte, besonders Japan, Korea und China.

Schreiben Sie mir eine Mail (annika_trendtraveller (at), nutzen Sie das Formular auf der Seite “My Projects”, folgen Sie mir auf Instagram (@annika_trendtraveller)  oder kontaktieren Sie mich über Xing oder LinkedIn.

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