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About me: Welcome to! My name is Annemarie Kruse and I am blogging here as “Annika”.

I’m a freelance journalist and editor and my working languages are English and German. I am listed on Xing and LinkedIn under my real name; feel free to connect with me. You can also reach me at annika_trendtraveller (at) (substitute “@” for “at”), follow me on Instagram (@annika_trendtraveller) or use the contact form on the “Current Projects” page.

ÜBER MICH: Ich bin Redakteurin und Fachjournalistin. Meine Arbeitssprachen sind Deutsch und Englisch und ich schreibe auf beiden Sprachen für verschiedene Magazine, Fachzeitschriften und Blogs. Fachliche Schwerpunkte/Themengebiete umfassen: die deutsche und europäische Kosmetik- und Konsumgüterbranche (Marken und Unternehmen), Einzelhandel, Markt- und Trendforschung, Naturkosmetikindustrie und die Bio-Branche (Food und Non-Food). Außerdem arbeite ich als Lektorin, mache Übersetzungen (D-EN/EN-D) und übernehme die Lokalisierung von redaktionellen Inhalten. Brauchen Sie Hilfe beim Erstellen von Texten oder einer Übersetzung? Schreiben Sie mir eine Mail (annika_trendtraveller (at), nutzen Sie das Formular auf der Seite “My Projects”, folgen Sie mir auf Instagram (@annika_trendtraveller)  oder kontaktieren Sie mich über Xing oder LinkedIn.

My background: I was born in Japan, grew up in Germany and went to university in the UK (BA Arts in Durham/MA Political Sciences in Bradford). After graduation I relocated to London and  worked in publishing for five years. Since 2006 I have been living and working in Berlin, my favourite German city.

My particular area of expertise is the German cosmetics and retail industry, with a strong focus on secondary market research, brands and companies, consumer insights and retail trends: market analyses and company/country profiles, articles on retail and consumer behaviour, trends, trade shows and conferences.

I also write about the German and European organic food and beauty industry. Another focus area is trend research – demographic trends, trends in consumer behaviour and brand perception, retail and marketing trends. In addition I do translation, localisation and copywriting projects for various clients.

Where I have been and where I’m going next:

2014 was an exciting travelling year. In addition to the usual German trade show visits (my annual fixtures include Vivaness/Biofach in Nuremberg in February and Beauty International in Düsseldorf in late March), I went to Riga in Latvia (read my ECM article about the Baltic C&T markets here), to Zurich to visit friends and do some research for a company profile on Swiss retailer Migros, to Warsaw (Poland) on a C&T press tour and – the definite highlight of the year – five weeks in Asia last autumn: 2 weeks in Tokyo to visit CosmeTokyo 2014 trade show and Tokyo Designers Week 2014, then 2 weeks in Taipei and finally a week in Hong Kong for Cosmoprof Asia 2014.

2015 was also busy: First there were the annual fixtures of Vivaness/Biofach in Nuremberg and Beauty International in Düsseldorf. In February/March I flew to Tokyo for two weeks (adding a few days in Seoul – my first visit to Korea!).  In October and November I went to East Asia again: 1 week in Seoul (where I attended the International Beauty Expo Korea 2015), 2 weeks in Tokyo (Tokyo Design Week 2015!), followed by another week in Taipei and finally Hong Kong for Cosmoprof Asia 2015.

2016 was another excellent travel year! In February I visited Vivaness trade show in Nuremberg, in early March it was the turn of Beauty International in Düsseldorf, in April I attended Natural Products Europe show in London and later that month I flew to Asia: 1 week in Seoul for Cosmobeauty Seoul and another week in Tokyo for article research. In October/November I returned to Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong: first a couple of weeks in Tokyo for Tokyo Design Week 2016, then Taipei (because I love this city!), and finally Hong Kong for Cosmoprof Asia 2016.

In 2017 I attended Vivaness 2017 organic trade show in Nuremberg, followed by Cosmoprof Bologna 2017 in March. In April I went to Asia for a month: Seoul for Cosmobeauty 2017, then Tokyo for retail fun and article research (also für Beautyworld Japan 2017), and finally a few days in Shanghai to attend China Beauty Expo 2017 (my first visit to mainland China). Over the summer months I visited Bucharest and Sofia (loved both cities) and in October I went to Asia again: first Tokyo, then Taipei and finally Hong Kong for Cosmoprof Asia 2017.

In 2018 my key trade show visits were Cosmetokyo 2018 (my first visit since 2014!), followed by Vivaness 2018 in Nuremberg and Beauty Düsseldorf 2018 (check out my Instagram coverage for this trade show), Cosmoprof Bologna 2018, Cosmobeauty Seoul 2018, China Beauty Expo 2018 and Cosmoprof Asia 2018.

And here is what I’ve already booked for 2019: Cosmetokyo, Vivaness, Cosmoprof Bologna, Cosmobeauty Seoul and China Beauty Expo.

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