What I offer


I visit around ten international beauty trade shows in Europe and Asia each year, including heavyweights like Cosmoprof Bologna or Cosmoprof Hong Kong. However, I also attend key regional shows in selected markets, such as Cosmetokyo in Japan, Cosmobeauty Seoul in Korea or China Beauty Expo in Shanghai.

In addition, I visit the leading trade fairs in key industry sectors, like Beauty Düsseldorf (salon cosmetics), Vivaness Nuremberg (the biggest European trade show for organic beauty), Beautyworld Japan (Japanese salon C&T) or Indie Beauty Expo Berlin (niche and indie brands).

For more information on my past and upcoming travel schedules check out „Travel & Trade Shows“ in the menu above.

You can find sample show reports for most of the trade fairs that I attend right here on the blog. These articles tend to focus on my personal favourites and discoveries at the respective trade fairs, spiced with irreverent brand observations, background info and, occasionally, industry gossip.

However, I also offer curated and customised trade show reviews. Depending on the brief I receive from my clients these reports focus on different aspects of the trade fair, such as:

  • analysing specific product categories or markets (like skin care, colour cosmetics, nutritional supplements or fragrances);
  • highlighting interesting product innovations/novelties presented at the show and/or key trends in ingredients and/or packaging;
  • profiling brands/exhibitors from specific countries or regions (such as Korean brands, J-Beauty or Polish brands);
  • highlighting emerging and niche brands in specific product sectors;
  • or simply providing a comprehensive overview of the entire trade fair, including key facts and figures

If you’re interested in coverage or brand/product research from a particular trade show, get in touch with me! You can also reach me at annika_trendtraveller (at) yahoo.de (substitute “@” for “at”), on Instagram (@annika_trendtraveller) or use the contact form on the “Me. And This Blog” page.


My particular area of expertise is the German cosmetics and retail industry, with a strong focus on secondary market research, brands and companies, consumer insights and retail trends. However, I also write about the German and European organic food and beauty industry.

Another key area is trend research – demographic trends, trends in consumer behaviour and brand perception, retail and marketing trends – as well as trend-scouting, with a particular focus on the Asian beauty and retail markets.

As a professional trade journalist I write in a detailed, informative and factual style across a wide range of different formats, such as:

  • Market and/or category reports (overviews and analyses of specific beauty product categories/brand types/sectors or retail channels);
  • Company, retailer and brand profiles (national or international);
  • Country reviews: reports/analyses of regional beauty markets, as a general market overview or combined with a specific sub-market (i.e. „the organic beauty sector in Korea“ or „domestic skin care brands in the Bulgarian beauty market“);
  • Trade show reports and reviews (product innovations, key trends, new brands, emerging markets/product categories).

Interested in a particular topic? Send me a mail!


Whenever I travel to another city or country I use the opportunity to conduct detailed store checks and check out the local retail landscape.

This means visiting local/domestic drugstores, perfumeries, supermarkets and department stores to see which beauty brands and products are available on the shelf, how products are presented and what the POS looks like. I also look at the ratio of domestic to international brands and own label vs. retail brands and take notes (and pictures) of interesting product, ingredient and packaging trends.

I offer exclusive and tightly-focused market studies and on-location store checks. If you interested in:

  • the key beauty brands within a specific country, regional market or product category;
  • an overview of a particular distribution channel (drugstores, perfumeries, pharmacies, supermarkets);
  • the store layout, POS design or brand portfolio of a specific retailer or drugstore/perfumery chain;
  • an on-the-shelf analysis of a specific product sector (like organic beauty, men’s care or children’s products);
  •  or you’d simply like to know what the product line-up of brand XYZ looks like in a particular international market

Get in touch with me! More information on my upcoming international trips is available under “Travels & Trade Shows” in the menu above.


Finally, I offer specialised translation and localisation/adaptation (German >English/English>German) in several sectors, including beauty, consumer insights, FMCG, retail, market research and advertising/marketing.