Trade show: Global Art of Perfumery 2013

Global Art of Perfumery is coming to Berlin (yay!) – it’s a trade show for premium perfumes and cosmetics which used to take place in Düsseldorf. I visited Global Art in 2010 when I was in town for Beauty International – they had a rather impressive line-up of premium fragrance manufacturers and distributors.

This year Global Art of Perfumery will relocate to Berlin because we are such a cool, trend-driven metropolis (well, obviously!). The show takes place on 8th and 9th June 2013 in the exhibition halls of The Station near Gleisdreieck, in conjunction with the Global Art of Luxury Brands show.

There is also an awards ceremony for the most original niche fragrances – the Prix de Parfum Artistique – which takes place at the show’s big charity gala event in the Russian Embassy on Unter den Linden on 8th June. More information on the trade show website:

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