Globe-M: “Phnom Penh: Rescue Archaeology” exhibition at ifa gallery in Berlin – article

The ifa gallery in Linienstraße is still showing its exhibition “Phnom Penh: Rescue Archaeology” (German title: “Phnom Penh: Das Verschwinden verhindern”) – contemporary Cambodian art.

The exhibition is excellent, go and see it, entry is free. Here is the link to the globe-M article I posted today: Der verschwundene See oder die Kontinuität des Wandels. It is even longer than my usual globe-M output but the whole topic was so interesting that I really couldn’t help myself.

Check out these links as well: Stiev Selapak, a Cambodian arts collective and Meta House Phnom Penh, a German-Cambodian cultural centre founded by Niko Mesterharm. I wish I’d known about Meta House and Stiev Selapak last year when I was in Phnom Penh….!!

And if you’re visiting the ifa gallery, stop for a coffee at Atelier Cacao next door – one of my favourite Berlin chocolate manufacturers (they do a milk chocolate with liquorice which is simply divine!). They also have a gorgeous café with outdoor seating, home made ice cream and chocolate confectionery and, if you have children with you, a very nicely furnished play area. Highly recommended.

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