Globe-M: Imran Qureshi At Deutsche Bank KunstHalle – article

Deutsche Bank KunstHalle on Unter den Linden is currently showing the first big European exhibition of Pakistani artist Imran Qureshi (globe-M article: Blumen und Blutspritzer). Qureshi is Deutsche Bank’s Artist of the Year 2013; he studied miniature painting at the Lahore National College of Arts and combines this very traditional art technique with modern sujets and influences.
The end result is amazing; you see Mughal style miniature paintings with a wealth of detail in shimmering colours and gold leaf, show modern and abstract imagery – and frequently upsurges of violence and anger, usually in the form of blood red flowers and splashes.

The KunstHalle is showing several large paintings which Qureshi painted here in Berlin, the disturbing and slightly frightening installation “And they still seek the traces of blood” from 2013 and a series of miniature paintings. The exhibition is very worthwhile, go and see it. It runs until 4th August 2013, opening hours are daily from 10am to 8pm. KunstHalle Unter den Linden in 10117 Berlin.

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