Globe-M: “Bourgeoisie, Swing and Molotov Cocktails” exhibition at C/O Berlin – article

A new C/O Berlin exhibition which is starting tomorrow – Globe-M article: Amerika in Berlin. The background: C/O Berlin is one of the most high-profile photography exhibition galleries in Berlin. They’re a non-profit foundation and were established in 2000; for many photography fans they have an almost iconic status. For the last 13 years C/O Berlin was based in the old Postfuhramt on Oranienburger Straße in Mitte, a truly spectacular historical building. However, this March the gallery had to leave its Mitte location; they moved to Charlottenburg instead, into the Amerika Haus on Hardenbergstraße just behind Bahnhof Zoo train station.
Currently the Amerika Haus is still being renovated so C/O Berlin won’t open until early 2014. In the meantime they have come up with an interesting transitional program. Which is starting tonight with the opening of their first interim exhibition “Bourgeoisie, Swing and Molotov Cocktails” – the history of the Amerika Haus. The exhibit is open air, just outside of the building and of course it’s free of charge. If you’re in the neighbourhood, stop by for a quick visit; it’s quite interesting since the history of Berlin’s Amerika Haus is so closely linked to the historical development of Charlottenburg over the last 50 years. Check out the exhibition website: The exhibition will run until 15t September 2013.

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