Globe-M: “Bin ich schön?” at Museum für Kommunikation – article

The Museum for Communication has just opened its new exhibition: “Am I Beautiful?” looks at the cultural and biological ideals of beauty. Museum für Kommunikation is one of my favourite exhibition spaces in Mitte. It is located in a gorgeous building from 1898 directly on Leipziger Strasse. They have a well-structured and interactive permanent exhibition (a great place to visit if you have kids) and temporary exhibits dealing with trends, society, information, communication and interaction.

In the past they’ve had exhibitions on the DIY movement in Germany, teenage sub-cultures, problems in intercultural communication or the human time-perception – and this time Museum für Komunikation is analysing our notions on what is beautiful and attractive. The exhibition is very interactive – there are three booths in which you can modulate your voice to sound male, female or young or you can take a picture of your face and digitally morph it with other photos.

In the section on plastic surgery they have a small jar with liposuctioned fat (believe me, it looks just as gross as it sounds!) and a silhouette of model Heidi Klum which illustrates just how slender female fashion models have to be to work in the international fashion industry. There is also a filmed interview with the owner of a male modelling agency – she talks about how male models have to look like to make it as a serious fashion model – and directly opposite you see a video clip of an agricultural judge explaining what physical criteria prize-winning cows need to win a contest. Great juxtaposition.

It’s a very cool exhibition and definitely thought-provoking, go and see it. Alternatively, you can read my globe-M article on it here Blick in den Spiegel –  and “Bin ich schön” is also my current Mintel Cityscape article.

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