New Year, new trade shows!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope it’ll be a fabulous year 2014 for y’all. And for me too, of course. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to travel more than ever and 2014 will be the year of European short trips and trade show visits! (I’m also planning a major Asian holiday in late 2014 (Taiwan, Japan and HK!) but that’s still a long way off and nothing’s been booked yet).

However, I have sorted out my trade show schedule for the first half of 2014. First up: Vivaness and Biofach in Nuremberg ( – 12th to 15th February, which means that unfortunately the dates yet again collide with the Berlinale film festival! Nothing I can do about this, however, and I’ve booked five days in Nuremberg already. Hooray!

In March it’s Beauty International in Düsseldorf. I’ve been visiting Beauty on and off for ten years now and I always enjoy it – it’s Germany’s most important salon C&T trade show: 21st to 23rd March 2014.

In May I’m planning to attend the annual PLMA (Private Label Manufacturer’s Association) conference in Amsterdam – I’m not sure if they let run-of-the-mill trade journalists in or not and I haven’t booked anything yet, but fully intend on going anyhow. Also because I like Amsterdam and have only been once (COLIPA congress in 2004 or 2005, back in the ECM/London days….).

And June 2014: Beauty Eurasia in Istanbul! 12th to 14th June; it is, apparently, the biggest beauty show in Turkey and the Middle East region bordering Turkey…. I looked at the exhibitors list for last year and there is only a handful of Western companies – most of the Beauty Eurasia exhibitors are Turkish and Arab companies, also a couple of manufacturers from the Gulf states. Fascinating and I’ve never been to Istanbul either so now is the time! As soon as I can find an affordable flight from Berlin which is not as easy as one might think…

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