Berlin Art Week 2014: Positions

It is Berlin Art Week again! From 16th September to 21th September the city is dominated by, well, art. There are exhibitions, performance, screenings, gallery walks and conferences at different venues in Berin – and this weekend, in Kaufhaus Jandorf in Berlin’s Mitte district, was the Positions Berlin art fair.

This particulary fair is taking organised for the first time this year; it’s an exhibition/show highlighting young and contemporary art – 53 German and international art galleries are presenting their work. A spectacular range of materials, concepts, inventiveness and sheer creative joy, presented in the very cool ambiance of Kaufhaus Jandorf, a department store built in 1904. My Positions favourites included the acrylic artworks of artist Stephan Ehrenhofer (gallery Dr. Julius AP) and the silicone sculptures of Anke Eilgerhard (represented by Galerie Art Felicia).

Then I came to the exhibition area of C&K Unterwegs Galerie – and fell in love with the pen-and-ink drawings of Angelika Arendt – I bought one of her drawings, “Eruptions” from 2013. Couldn’t help myself, I was absolutely bowled over by it. It is beautiful, pure and simple; made with incredible craftmanship and it reminded me simultaneously of sumptuous miniature paintings from Pakistan, pen-and-ink Chinese art and Japanese anime films – it looks like a still from Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli 1986 film Laputa (Castle in the Sky). As soon as I have the drawing, I’ll post an image!

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