Beautyjagd: Organic beauty news in English (Chapters 47, 48, 49 & 50)

And here are the last four translations for Beautyjagd – enjoy!

News and Reviews from the World of Organic Beauty (Chapter 47) includes two South of France editions of the Beauty Notes (I love Julia’s coverage of local and regional French beauty brands!), a detailed article about different skin care routines with NZ brand Living Nature’s products and a look behind the scenes at Austrian online perfumery store Ecco Verde.

News and Reviews from the World of Organic Beauty (Chapter 48) features an interview with Ulrike Ischler, the founder of Austrian beauty brand Mysalifree; two Beauty Notes with all the latest German organic product launches and brand news and a feature on the new Frauenwohl menopause aromatherapy range by German organic brand Primavera.

In News and Review from the World of Organic Beauty (Chapter 49) you can read a beautiful (and rather philosophical) article about the term “anti-ageing”. This installment also includes Beauty Notes from Vienna and Hamburg and a product review of German organic brand Annemarie Börlind’s intriguing new anti-blue light face care product, the 3in1 Face Oil.

Finally, News and Review from the World of Organic Beauty (Chapter 50) offers product reviews of German organic brand Dr. Hauschka’s two seasonal gift sets, Radiant Joy and Soul Warming; a look at two new Mysalifree product launches, a Beauty Notes edition from Tokyo and a very interesting overview of organic beauty products with plastic-free (or at least minimal plastic) packaging!


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