Off-Topic: Düsseldorf cafés – personal favourites!

Relax Café and Toykio!!! Whenever I go to Düsseldorf I always try and visit these two cafés which are on Immermannstrasse, right in the middle of “Japan Mile”. Düsseldorf has a very large Japanese community and most of the Japanese restaurants, cafés, supermarkets, book stores, bakeries and so on cluster along Immermannstrasse and the surrounding streets.
I  discovered Relax Café, a fabulous Japanese-style café during my first visit to Beauty International actually. Must have been 2005. I was working in London at that time so I flew to  Düsseldorf for the trade show and my hotel was right around the corner from Relax….love at first sight! A good range of teas and coffees, including various matcha beverages, japanese-inspired patisserie and a fantastic menu of Japanese noodles, omelette and curry dishes. Highly recommended! Relax Café & Bar, Immermannstrasse 28, 40210 Düsseldorf.

Just one block from Relax Café and still on Immermannstrasse is Toykio, another fab café/store/art gallery. Toykio sells Asian and Japanese gadgets, toys and urban art, there is also a café right in the middle of the store. They serve yummy cakes, brownies and macarons, coffee specialities and teas (Løv Organic, which I came across for the first time at Biofach in Nuremberg just last month! A very premium organic tea brand, check out the beautiful packaging!). Toykio has a very chilled out atmosphere, the espresso is great and so are the macarons. Visit it! Immermannstrasse 18, 40210 Düsseldorf. [EDIT 03/2015: Sadly Toykio has closed down.]

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