Exhibition: “Süden. Villa Romana – Art, Music & Performance” at Deutsche Bank KunstHalle

Today a new exhibition opens at KunstHalle Unter den Linden. “Süden. Villa Romana – Art, Music & Performance” presents the works of artists Shannon Bool, Mariechen Danz, Heide Hinrichs and Daniel Meier-Reimer, the Villa Romana Fellows of 2013. 

Villa Romana is an artists’ house in Florence, Italy, which was founded in 1905 by German artist Max Klinger. Check out the Villa Romana website! Klinger wanted to establish an independent forum for visual artists, and with the help of his artist friends he purchased a villa on the outskirts of Florence.  Amongst the first residents of Villa Romana were Georg Kolbe, Max Beckmann, Käthe Kollwitz, Ernst Barlach und Max Pechstein and since then the house has gone on to support many other artists.

After the Second World War Villa Romana was reopened in 1958. It is funded by private individuals, foundations and companies, including Deutsche Bank who has been a sponsor since the 1920s. The Villa awards an annual Prize to young artists living in Germany – and this year’s artists are Shannon Bool, Mariechen Danz, Heide Hinrichs and Daniel Meier-Reimer.

The “Süden” exhibition is supported by a series of film screenings, performances, concerts and lectures and will run until 8th September. Here is the detailed programme: http://www.deutsche-bank-kunsthalle.de/kunsthalle/downloads/sueden_programm.pdf

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