Mintel articles: Kauf dich Glücklich and Beauty & Nature

Here are two more Mintel articles, from June and July 2014 – concept store Kauf dich Glücklich in Berlin and organic perfumery Beauty & Nature in Leipzig.

Kauf dich Glücklich is a fashion store chain which is originally from Berlin. They started off as a student-run café in Prenzlauer Berg area and transformed their company into a very successful (and ultra-commercial) chain of designer concept stores with outlets across Germany. And they managed to do all this without losing the loyalty of their original customer base. Rather impressive.

And Beauty & Nature is a organic perfumery chain with three stores in Germany. B&N has a stupendous selection of certified organic C&T brands, very generous product tester bars and each store shares its location with a local organic supermarket. A convincing and successful retail concept.

Over the past months I have also written about TEMMA, Rewe group’s organic supermarket chain which recently opened its first Berlin outlet and about artisan perfumery store Frau Tonis Parfum. Other topics included the flagship store of infamous German designer Harald Glööckler (now here is a really interesting and very well-managed brand!) and, most recently, Original Unverpackt (originally unpackaged), the first organic supermarket in Berlin to sell products in bulk, by weight and without packaging. I’ll be posting the other Cityscape articles over the next few months.

And as always, please respect the copyright (Mintel/BPC)!


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