Mintel article: Glööckler flagship Berlin

I arrived back in Berlin three days ago. It was a marvellous five weeks away and I’m still trying to sort out all of my impressions. My next trip to that region is already booked, by the way: two weeks in Tokyo in late February/early March plus a few days in Seoul/Korea. I’ve never been to Korea and already have a long list of stores and places I want to visit.

Before taking off for Japan, however, I’ll be visiting Vivaness trade show in Nuremberg. And after my return I’ll be attending Beauty International trade show in Düsseldorf. It looks like 2015 will be full of travelling and trade shows (yay!)

Since I won’t have time to update the blog this week (too much work to do), here is an article I wrote on German designer Harald Glööckler’s new Berlin flagship store this summer. Glööckler is a rather interesting phenomenon, he has a very flamboyant, in-your-face personality and he polarises public opinion. However, when I researched the article, I was surprised by how genuine he appears, despite his obvious and carefully cultivated artificiality. Enjoy the article!

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