Off-Topic: An ode to Injeolmi bing-su!

Check out my new favourite dessert! This is Injeolmi Snowflake Sherbet (as prepared by Sulbing Korean Dessert Café): a great big pile of shaved ice – I have no idea how they manage to achieve such fine ice grains! – layered with a mixture of powdered Injeolmi (glutinous rice cake) and toasted soybean and topped with an extra-thick layer of Injeolmi powder plus flaked almonds.

This kind of traditional Korean ice dessert is called bing-su (which translates as “shaved ice”) – you can get it with different kind of toppings but my favourite is the Injeolmi version – it’s completely addictive! I read that Sulbing uses frozen milk in the ice mixture; you get a small dish of sweetened condensed milk to pour into the dish once you’ve eaten a path into the interior. When the ice starts melting, the Injeolmi powder turns chewy. It’s delicious!



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6 responses to “Off-Topic: An ode to Injeolmi bing-su!

  1. Misstsuchiya

    I have been in love with the korean patbingsu ever since the first spoon. Lol. But I still haven’t tried the ‘injeolmi’ version. Is injeolmi similar to the typical korean rice cakes? I wonder if it’s similar to the snowflakes we had here which came with some stuffs taro balls that has the same consistency like tteok (떡).

    • I think so! According to Google injeolmi is a type of tteok; in the case of the injeolmi snowflake it is mixed with roasted soybean powder. The café served it with flaked almonds on top which was perfect! On my last day in Seoul I also tried a traditional patbing-su (with red beans) and a version with tangerine syrup; both were good but my favourite is still the
      injeolmi ; )

      • Misstsuchiya

        That traditional one sounds good too…huhu. I’m a big fan of the green tea+red beans combo… but trying a wide variety of patbingsu won’t hurt I thing so I’m gonna go for some bingsu hunting this winter! (err… yea.. winter, but cold weather can’t stop me~) haha. Have a nice day anyway~

      • I’ve already decided that on my next trip to Seoul I’ll do a proper bingsu study, trying out one version after the other…. ; ) Have a good day, too!

  2. Also my favourite bingsu in Korea! Cannot get enough… 🙂

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