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Globe-M: “Gulag: Traces and Testimonies 1929-1956” at Deutsches Historisches Museum – article

On 17th June a new exhibition opens at Deutsches Historisches Museum (DHM): “Gulag: Spuren und Zeugnisse 1929-1956”. As the name indicates the exhibit deals with the Soviet labour/prisoner camp system Gulag. This is where political prisoners, class enemies and dissidents were interned. And then died.

There were Gulag camps all over the Soviet Union. Several other Communist-administrated Eastern Bloc states had a similar labour camp system. Different name, same principle. The exhibition is very worthwhile. Be warned though, seeing some of the exhibits is heart-wrenching and you’ll leave with a deep hatred of Stalinism and Communism, at least I did. Here’s the article (as always, German only!): „Sozial schädliche Elemente“.

The exhibit will run until 1st September 2013, at the German Historical Museum (DHM), Unter den Linden, Berlin.

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