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Event: Cyberfest 2014 – The Other Home

It’s that time of year again: Cyberfest, Russia’s biggest new media festival, is back in town! The first Cyberfest took place in St. Petersburg eight years ago. Last November, Cyberfest came to Berlin and took up residence in art house The Wye for a week of fabulous digital music/art/tech exhibitions and events. Check out my Cyberfest 2013 blog article here.

This year the festival returns to Berlin and again The Wye is Cyberfest’s co-organisator. The program promises to be just as interesting as the one last year: From 12th to 15th December, Bethanien gallery in Kreuzberg is hosting a visual art exhibition which presents an overview of contemporary Russian new media/art and at Platoon Kunsthalle in Mitte on 15th December, there is a sound art performance featuring five auditory artists from Russia and Berlin. Should be absolutely worth a visit!

More information is available from Cyberfest creator Cyland Media Lab and on the festival’s Facebook page.

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Globe-M: Cyberfest 2013 – article

Arts house The Wye has brought the Cyberfest new media art event over from Russia: five days of exciting art/sound installations, performances, workshops, lectures, screening and concerts – check out the programme!! Cyberfest 2013: Time & Place kicks off on Wednesday, 13th November, at 8pm – and all events are free (yay!).

And here is the globe-M article on Cyberfest 2013, freshly posted: Cyber//Art. I visited the exhibitions in The Wye on Wednesday and completely fell in love with “Aesthetics of Decay: Design for Dying Electronics”, a multimedia installation by Disney Nasa Borg which can be seen on The Wye’s ground floor. My favourites on the second floor exhibition room include “Movie Mincer” by Sergey Teterin – a metal meat mincer connected to a laptop and beamer; when you turn the handle you can screen a silent movie film clip (George Méliès’ “A Trip to the Moon” from 1902!). When the handle pauses, the film stops. Continue reading

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Exhibition: “Spatial Structures” at The Wye, Kreuzberg

This Friday evening a new exhibition opens at The Wye on Skalitzer Strasse (Kreuzberg): “Spatial Structures” features works by artist Jenny Keuter – check out the exhibition website, it looks great; I think I might write an article for globe-M on this. The vernissage is from 7pm to 10pm on Friday, 20th September at The Wye.

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Globe-M: Interview with Leah Stuhltrager from The Wye – article

…and here is the link to the interview with Leah Stuhltrager from The Wye on globe-M: Interview Leah Stuhltrager .

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Globe-M: Arts house The Wye in Kreuzberg – article

The Wye (www.thewye.de) is a very cool international arts house which opened on Skalitzer Strasse in Kreuzberg; if you’re in the neighbourhood go and check it out! I also suggest you visit Konzept 86, a great fashion store which is located on the ground floor of The Wye. It made a wonderful Mintel Cityscape this summer (Konzept 86). And here is the globe-M article about The Wye: Gleisdreieck der Kunst.

In a few days I’ll publish a brief interview with The Wye’s founder Leah Stuhltrager!


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