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Retail notes from Riga (1/2): Organic beauty from the Baltics

I am currently writing an article on the Baltic cosmetics markets so I just spent three days in the capital of Latvia, Riga – for research, for holidays and to revel in organic cosmetics, baked goods, Art Nouveau, birch trees and wooden houses. All of which Riga has in abundance.

I arrived back in Berlin yesterday with a suitcase full of organic beauty products, including products from Madara (Latvia),  Joik (Estonia), Natura Siberica (Russia), Planeta Organica (Russia), Graenn (Latvia), Anna Liepa (Latvia), Gusto (Latvia) and Uoga Uoga, a niche brand from Lithuania. Continue reading


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Estonia’s organic beauty brands: Eesti looduslik kosmeetika

Have you ever come across Ingli Pai, Green Nature, Moshi, Jovely, Sohvy, PanicaOrganica, Luminordic, Vestige Verdant or Ontic Minerals? They are all organic beauty brands from the Northern European country of Estonia. These labels have a very selective distribution even in their own country. And none, at the time of writing, are available outside of Estonia. Unless you count online stores. Talk about niche retail! Continue reading

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