Retail notes from Singapore: Masked beauty

One of my favourite Asian product categories is face masks and more precisely, foldable cloth masks. It is by far the popular mask format over here and virtually all the brands on sale are from Taiwan, Korea or Japan.
In fact, practically every non-Western C&T label retailed in Singapore comes from these three countries. Singapore imports pretty much everything (including electricity and water!) and as far as cosmetics are concerned, anything from Korea and Japan is considered very trendy indeed. Some of the Watsons stores even have a shelf dedicated to “K-Beauty” which bundles smaller Korean brands, i.e. those that do not have separate display cases.

Amongst my mask favourites are the Watsons own label masks (especially the variants „Green Tea“ and “Bird’s Nest“) which I have been buying in bulk on every single trip to Singapore.

This is what the face mask shelf in any Watsons (or Guardian for that matter) looks like:

face masks     face masks (2)     face masks (1)

And of course I adore anything made by Korean brand Missha which has been one of my favourite Asian brands ever since I discovered it on a trip to Japan in 2005 or 2006. The masks from My Beauty Diary (Taiwan) are also lovely (and the packaging is gorgeous!).

Today I decided to try out two new (new to me anyhow!) brands from Taiwan, Lovemore and Barbie B Travel (manufactured under license from Mattel, as far as I could make out – the entire packaging is printed in Taiwanese). However, I couldn’t resist the pretty packaging, check it out!

Electric ore mask (2)     Barbie B Travel mask

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