Retail notes from Singapore: 7-11 travel-sized C&T

The 7-11 convenience store chain over here has introduced a very attractive way of presenting travel sized cosmetics – slim towers of small cardboard boxes filled with cosmetics from a wide range of brands.

I am a huge fan of travel sizes because I am picky about which products I use. I like very specific brands and when I’m off travelling I want to take these particular products with me, and not just any generic shower gel or shampoo.

In Germany we are quite spoiled as far as mini sizes are concerned (both Rossmann and DM have a great selection) so the local choice of travel sized C&T is something I pay attention to when I am in a different country.

The 7-11 display cases come in different heights and widths and I’ve seen them even in small 7-11 outlets. Presumably the cardboard towers are easy to move around.

Products available include Asian favourites like Lucido-L, Gatsby and Essential, Western brands like Nivea, L’Óréal, Garnier, Clairol and Rexona and products from the own label range First Choice which I’ve also seen in Giant and Cold Storage supermarkets.

They didn’t have this last year so I assume it is a fairly recent introduction. I really like the concept, it looks neat and tidy and makes for a very attractive product display.

7-11 (2)     7-11 (1)     IMG_4333

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