OWN: The Spring 2016 edition of Organic & Wellness News is here

Yes, the new edition of OWN has just been published! And I’ve contributed several articles: a brand profile on Fair Squared (p. 16 in the print version, here is the pdf article) – an interesting company: Fair Squared’s products are organic, halal, fair trade AND vegan. The brand will be officially launched in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at Vivaness next month.

There is also an overview of the current state of organic C&T legislation in Europe (p. 18 in print – pdf article) and two articles about one of the most interesting topics I’ve ever written about: entomophagy (edible insects!). Click here for a background piece on the edible insects industry and an interview with Dan Imrie-Situnayake, founder of edible insects farm consultancy Tiny Farms. (p. 22 in the print version). Or download the entire Spring issue here: http://organicwellnessnews.com/en.

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